Monolithic Waterproof System

Roofing Technologies specializes in providing a monolithic, fluid applied, waterproof seamless fiberglass system. This tech can be applied on low slope, flat roofs, over foam roofs, and metal roofs!! This lightweight emulsion is reinforced with chopped fiberglass and applied using a special fiberglass chopping gun to ensure an ideal roofing system.


Asphalt & Fiberglass Emulsion

Our skilled technicians apply a coating of emulsion using a specialized applicator. After the system has cured, you have a pure asphalt encased emulsion to form a lightweight, energy efficient, and truly waterproof surface that far outlasts any other roofing systems.

Cold Applied

Meets CRRC Standards

Cost Effective

Long Lasting

Metal | Low Slope | Flat

Our versatile monolithic system can be applied to just about anywhere. Contact us today to find out how it can benefit you!


Energy Efficient